Tuesday, 08 September 2015

Bouncing along the Mediterranean

Consider if you will, a rather spacious floating version of a motorhome built to comfortably accommodate eight great mates in style.Complete with four heads and four double cabins there are eight incredibly lucky ducks (who keep pinching themselves); Dani & Ian, Leanne & Col, Linda & Glenn, Libby & Bernie cruising the Mediterranean.

Team Kosi

Add a mast, some ropes and a couple of sails for good measure. Top it all with a generous supply of gourmet dining and substantial quantities of alcoholic beverages as well as unending platters of local delicacies served on deck each afternoon, mix with a healthy splash of warm salty water and a large dose of bone warming sunshine.

This little taste of paradise is other wise known as Kosi,?a 50ft Du Four 500 doing laps of the coast around Sardinia and Corsica with two other similarly bedecked craft loaded with a bunch of new pals. Maggie and Trevor, Enrico, Susie and Linda make up the crew on board?Nadine?while Denise, Ben,?Carolyn & Alan, Liz & Nick sail?Blue Eyes.

Now you are ready to go?Bouncing along the Mediterranean with us.





Sounds like trip of a lifetime. And you get to write about it, perfect! Enjoy

September 9, 2015 at 10:47 am
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