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Mad Max & Priscilla on Tour

Silverton was the original mining town that preceded Broken Hill. In 1885 it was home to over 3000 people. But, by the 1960?s it was a ghost town of crumbling stone buildings and rusted fences.

Ruins, Silverton, NSW

In the 70?s a new future emerged for the red dust hills and valleys as the perfect movie set. Some of the more famous movies filmed in the town include Priscilla; Queen of the Desert and Mad Max 2.

The landscape is also inspiring a new era of artists and many galleries have sprung up. One of the talented painters I met had just finished working on the latest Nicole Kidman movie, Before I go to Sleep.

All this interest means that funds have poured into the town and many of its grand old buildings have since been restored.

ImageThe navigator (me!) suggested we do the ?Heritage Walking Trail?. The driver wasn?t all that keen. It is supposed to only take about two hours, so he agreed to come for a walk. But there?s so much interesting stuff for me to see and do that to we spent most of the day there.

The old gaol houses one of the biggest local history displays I?ve ever seen and the original school house has been set up to provide a unique ?History of Education?.?

They have all the textbooks, inkwells, slates and original desks along with samples of past students? work. The volunteers are also very proud of the fact that Dame Mary Gilmore was assistant teacher here during the boom years when the tiny school housed over 400 kids!

The driver did enjoy the Mad Max Museum. He was also happy to try some damper with golden syrup at the caf? and heartily approved of the froth on the beer he sampled at the pub. We strolled back through the bush to our cosy motorhome to watch another kaleidoscope sunset.

Mad Max Museum, Silverton, NSW
Silverton Hotel, Silverton, NSW

Btw. Ian did manage to tune into the AFL broadcast – so his day wasn?t a complete waste!







Hard to believe it was a thriving town as you see it now. Many buildings relocated to Broken Hill. Wonder how Mary saw it as a young teacher, and how life was back then. Just imagine the Main Street as a bustling town with horse and carriage and people going about their daily business.

May 10, 2014 at 9:18 am

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